Presentation Skills & Keynotes

Make Memorable Presentations & Present Like a Pro

Are you an executive or an entrepreneur, a manager or a product owner? Then you already know how important it is to make your message stick when presenting a new idea, program or process.

Whether in casual conversations with your team, pitching an idea to the CEO or a prospective client, or addressing an audience, this program will help you speak with confidence and communicate with impact. Articulate and “sell” your great ideas with confidence after this engaging, experiential workshop.

Implementation, however, is a more complicated matter. That’s why we created a fun and interactive way to make it pain-free.

This training will teach you to:

  • Empathize with and respond to your audience
  • Prepare for unexpected moments
  • Be the expert
  • Actively listen
  • Develop your message
  • Make your slide deck work with your presentation
  • Match your body language and voice to your message
  • Create a story and visual narrative that is uniquely your own
  • Become an Effective Communicator

The Improv Effect would like to offer you this FUNtastic approach to presenting like a professional. Explore and practice the skills that separate good presenters from excellent ones.

Depending on your needs – one­-on-­one coaching, on-­line video web series or team sessions about broad fundamentals or a specific presentation—we have a training program that is formatted perfectly for you.


Keynote Speaker

Let us help you take your conference up a notch with our INTERACTIVE, COLLABORATIVE, AND AUDIENCE-IMMERSIVE keynotes. Our speakers have given talks worldwide at conferences that span many industries and themes.

Unlearning: The Challenge of Change
 Consciously Curious: Why Curiosity is the Key to Success
 It’s all a Matter of Perspective: Using Play to Solve Problems
Individuals, Interactions & Improvisation: Agility in Thinking, Team, and Problem-Solving
Talk the talk: How to Give Dynamic Presentations