Team Building

Foundations of Successful Teamwork

In business, we are required interact effectively across diverse groups in multiple situations. Whether you are a team of two, a distributed team or a cross-functional team, understanding how to interact with your internal and external team is vital to your team’s success. This requires self-awareness, understanding the abilities of your team and how to create a safe place where every voice is heard. When all these things align it will allow for bold ideas to emerge.

This experiential training will run you through a variety of exercises that relate directly back to each participant. We will be working in pairs, small groups, and teams so that you get to connect with the majority of the people in the room. You will walk away with tools and techniques you can apply to your own team.

What you’ll learn:

  • Building ownership through inclusion
  • Gaining self-awareness and awareness of others
  • Learning when to let go of agendas
  • Creating a trusting environment
  • Failing fast and recovering quickly
  • Yes, and” agreement and moving ideas forward
  • Suspending judgments
  • Becoming active listeners
  • Determine how different types of status affect team dynamics