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We give your organization the competitive edge, through creativity, collaboration, and effective communication!

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When our techniques and training are woven into the culture of a company, they instill a safe place for creative change-makers to energize, collaborate, and work towards a shared vision.


Our professional development courses, curriculum and coaching give participants a way to discover the importance of teamwork, effective communication skills, creativity and innovation.

Founder of The Improv Effect


Jessie Shternshus

The Improv Effect was founded in 2007, by Jessie Shternshus.

Her goal was to help businesses reach their full potential by means of interpersonal-communication skills training. Throughout the years, Jessie has become a key player in internal culture transformations for global companies such as GrouponFidelity InvestmentsJohnson & JohnsonGetty Images, The PGA TourCrayola and many more. Utilizing an array of experiential techniques, some of which she learnt on the job at Disney and Sesame Street, she leads teams and organizations in their endeavors to achieve teamworkcreative problem solving tools, onboardingpresentation skills, and product development ideation sessions. 

Jessie also co-authored the book, CTRLShift: 50 Games For 50 ****ing Days Like today. A book filled with resources to help you “make shift happen” on any day of the week and in almost any situation. Need more energy, ideas, communication, or just plain fun? Open a page in CTRL Shift and you’ll find a game to get you there!

The Improv Effect Partners

Rob Schiffmann

Rob Schiffmann

Corporate Trainer

Rob is a professional improviser and corporate trainer / host who has worked with such companies as Celgene, Olympus, Cisco, Folgers, Microsoft, Solvay, Goldman Sachs, Hewlett-Packard Bank of America, Pepsi, Dannon and many more.

Sean Ely

Sean Ely

Corporate Trainer & Videographer

Sean is a videographer and reporter for RedEye of the Chicago Tribune. He produces ‘Funny Talk’, the Tribune Company’s most successful comedy interview series, as well as working as the writer, producer and editor of ‘RedEye Rundown’.


Lia James

Corporate Trainer

Lia is a facilitator and coach. Lia helps executives improve hiring strategies and skills development training to build more inclusive and productive teams. Through her extensive background in people development and personal branding, Lia helps professionals fine-tune their brands through storytelling and goal aligning to improve leadership quality, communication, and team dynamics.

Anthony Catanese

Anthony Catanese

Corporate Trainer

Anthony has spent the past 5 years as a facilitator and technical product manager designing systems and workshops to help individuals communicate and solve problems.

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CTRLShift: 50 Games For 50 ****ing Days Like today

What kind of day are you having? Is it a ****ing day? Or is it a ****ing day? What are you going to do about it? Mike Bonifer and Jessie Shternshus, who teach companies around the world how to apply improvisation to business, have created 50 original improv games tailored to the kind of ****ing day you’re having. From the bathroom to the board room, and every stop in between, this fun and engaging book helps you get the craziness under control.


“CTRL Shift is the reset button you need to stay on track.”


“An exceptional and very fun read.”

Looking for a dynamic speaker and author, that can have your audience laughing and learning at the same time?

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    A Few Of Our Happy Clients

    What They Are Saying…

    • Our team enjoyed the departure from our standard business presentations, and became really engaged in how the presentation skills concepts played out in some humorous ‘real-life’ scenarios. A positive and fun way to get the themes across.

      Trent Gavazzi Vice President and CTO of Availity, LLC
    • I will be able to read people better, listen more and think better on my feet. Jessie made Improv fun and I will definitely be able to apply these concepts professionally.

      Jason Seifer Web Developer at Twistedmind Inc.
    • We had a great time! You did a great job and I recommend this program especially for organizations that need to let their hair down and get to know each other.

      Steven Balukoff CTO Blue Box Group LLC
    • It was a great workshop! One of the best we’ve had in our 15 years at Aerostar!

      Dawn Blackledge Principal Engineer - Aerostar Environmental Services
    • I loved improv class!!! It’s a really good time. I find it amazing how quickly I’ve incorporated some of the teachings into my everyday life. In conversations, I’m quicker and more confident about sticking to my word. In essence, committing to my thoughts. Thanks for offering such an insightful program.

      Rachel Calandra Action News WTEV Jacksonville
    • The Improv Effect is an excellent way to build teamwork within any organization.

      Gust G. Sarris, M.B.A. J.D. Attorney At Law
    • The concepts I learned in The Improv Effect Workshop, will help me to build better relationships with my customers, in order to gain more sales.

      Mandee McCombs Sales Associate at Pulte Homes
    • It was just perfect and I know everyone enjoyed it. As you know, humor goes a long way in helping to ease anxiety, stress, depression and pain, and we are all candidates for all of the mentioned.

      Anne Multiple Myeloma Group Jacksonville
    • Great exercises around creative thinking and collaboration. More creative thinking can add great value to the product and the company as a whole.

      Software Developer Pipedrive
    • The Improv Effect tied team-building, brainstorming, communication skills and creativity all in the same session that helped us move forward more strategically with our initiative

      Director of Development & Community Relations Visit Jacksonville

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